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What is the Metaverse?

The metaverse is the next phase of the internet, merging the physical world with XR (AR & VR) that will revolutionise the way we interact, work & live.

What is Metadating [Meta Dating]?

The future of dating, encompassing not only digital/virtual/immersive technology but also merging with the real/physical world. Metadating [meta dating] will be useful for finding love mates (such as the current online dating industry provides - except on a whole other level) but will also provide out of this world experiences for couples already dating. Those experiences will literally be wherever, & whatever you & your partner can imagine - not just on an Earthly level but on an exploratory cosmic consciousness level. The, what will be ever-expanding, potential for tailored metadating experiences is virtually astronomical. Meta dating events will be as fun & nerve-racking as in the real world (such as speed dating), with no doubt many new ideas/inventions coming to this area - opening up a new world > universe of opportunities for matchmakers, dating experts, coaches & event hosts.

Brand Identity

Logo stages: [1] Atomic, universe > [2] stars & galaxies > [3] solar planetary system > [4] life, plant seed to flower > [5] “M” heart (metaverse ♥)

Concept: Boundless Love. Wondrous Romantic Experiences. And More... (Dating & Beyond)


Dating Safety in Age of Technology

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